Civilization under attack

I'm no great fan of the United States of America or its politics. I'm in favor of human rights, national independence, peace, freedom of expression, justice, democracy, equality among individuals, market economy, and free trade, in no particular order. I object to oppression, colonialism, war, censorship, violence, corruption, discrimination, socialism, and trade barriers. While the United States at least pays lip service to most of the liberties I cherish, its actual politics shows a somewhat mixed face, with bad as well as good sides.

As if the world didn't have enough problems with Internet spammers, scientology crackpots and witchhunts against computer hackers already, some obviously twisted minds have taken it upon themselves to cause even more suffering to innocent victims just to boost their egos. Killing thousands of people for no rational reason at all is hardly the decision of a thinking human being. It's rather a kind of natural disaster, like a volcano or an earthquake. We may love Mother Nature for what she has given us, but honestly, she doesn't really care how many are killed by her merely turning in her sleep, and we are justified in protecting ourselves against her moves.

What makes a purportedly human being turn into a natural disaster? Religious or political zealotry? Frankly, I don't care, and I don't think society as a whole should care either. Asking a terrorist why it is prepared to destroy a public building is like asking a volcano why it is prepared to cover a village in lava and ashes. Vulcanologists may have good reasons to try to understand the processes leading up to an eruption in order to save human lives and property, but the volcano at least doesn't change its tactics when it finds that humans tend to evade its powers.

Any psychiatrist interviewing a terrorist in order to determine the purported causes of the acts of such a poor excuse for a representative of Homo sapiens had better be absolutely sure that the information thus obtained will be used to protect civilization from its tentacles rather than cater to its desires, because if the terrorists manage to send their message through, they have succeeded in their mission.

The ignorant, two-legged monsters (some of them not even 15 years of age) in Jerusalem cheering the tragedy in New York, emphatically dragging the name of God in the dirt, constitute cancer in the body of society and civilization. I hope they will be duly prosecuted and punished, and that they will die of old age after a long life contemplating their sins.

My thoughts go to the families of the numerous victims of this disaster, most of them Americans, but probably also those of other nationalities. The United States of America deserves any assistance they need in dealing with what has happened, and in tracking down those responsible. I'm too far away to be able to donate blood, and I have no information that may be of use to the authorities, but I can spend some of my time to tell my opinion to anybody who cares to read it, in the hope of strengthening our common psychological defense against terrorism.

This web page contains no hyperlinks to other sites with more information, to some extent because I haven't had time to identify those sites, but primarily in order not to burden already overloaded servers with requests for information that is most likely outdated anyway. This web page is intended to keep you busy reading it, rather than send you off bothering somebody else. I want to help in any way I can, and I figure the best way for me to do that is to encourage anybody reading this to stay calm and contemplate what has happened before they go back to their daily routine, not help propagate the effects of this terrorist act by bringing civilization to a standstill.

To sum it up, I will continue to distribute encryption software in spite of any export regulations that the USA may want to impose on me, but I will of course alert the United States embassy in Stockholm (or the website) if I happen to learn of any terrorist activities aimed at American interests. I believe they will act faster than if I merely call the Swedish police. My political enemies are nevertheless my human friends.

From the infinite scientologist wisdom of L. Ron Hubbard, expressed in his classic work Operating Thetan:

In doing a cluster one is likely to find it is made up of other earlier clusters. This looks like this 1898 impact horse accident. When engram 1898 run on R3R, that part blows. No FIN occurs, TA remains up. Remainder will grind after the blow. Earlier portion dates as 93,000,000 years ago, electric shock. When run on R3R, that part blows, no FIN. TA remains up, will grind if run further. Earliest portion dares as 72 trillion implant. When run on R3R, all blow, FIN.

A cluster or engram which is a cluster can repeatedly FIN as BT's blow. Dates as 778 million explosion. After run once or twice an FIN occurs as one BT blows. Run again to second FIN as two more BT's blow. Remainder blow with a wider FIN. The cluster has gone. This happens (repeating FIN) when picture persists and noter check reveals it is not a copy. It will be more BT's in same cluster. So above repeating FIN occurs when pre-OT is moved through it. Clusters are found by meter dating, listing for type of incident and run as an engram. Clusters can occur at Incident II and Incident I. They can also occur at 1 quadrillion, which is the Clearing course materials. They also occur at random dates for different reasons.

I don't understand what it means, but I believe there is a message here.

God bless America, and God bless civilization.

Text written 2001-09-12
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Anders Andersson